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Well, guess I'm now an "Honorary" member..

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Been a bit, eh?

So the 2019 PP1 is history, as I had to get it on a Vroom car carrier with a few medical bills and whatnot. That was about a year ago, and well, last March couldn't take it anymore. I work from home since 2017, so there's no issue there but man having to drive a Kia Soul around just isn't the same.

So, the avi's been changed and now say hello to the "new" one. Yeah, 2017 3.7. Obviously not the typical upgrade (downgrade? well that's yet to be determined), but it's a totally different world now from back in '19. Pro's are better sound out of the back, and perhaps with a non GDI engine I should get a wee bit more miles out of her. But yeah it was a bit of a step backwards. Kicking myself for not pulling out both the sync3 and digital dash on the '19, but already done a swap into an aftermarket Scosche / Sony combination. Decent tires, but that PP1 suspension and better brakes is something else to regain.

And if you're ever around Richmond VA.. early evening on a weekday around I-295.. you may see me doing datalogs right now with an SCT X4 LOL. Did the pull on a base tune the other night, but realized I hadn't yet inspected/replaced the plugs. THAT looks like fun with the 3.7 having to pull the intake off but not something I can't handle.

The Old...

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

The "New?"

Tire Car Automotive parking light Vehicle Wheel

And the new Badge that I'm holding onto until I get this N/A tune finalized LOL. Soon as that dang Kia's paid for, here comes the real mods.. there will be some forced induction in the future!

Crosscut saw Hand tool Wood Tool Eyewear
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I have heard the 3.7s handle boost well. Not my cup of tea but enjoy your car!
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